CVAC Recovery Pod

Cyclic Variation in Adaptive Conditioning

As bFitnWell strives to improve your lifestyle the CVAC recovery pod helps to improve the fitness of your body at a cellular level.

Cvac Pod

What is the CVAC Process?

The CVAC Recovery Pod improves the body by forcing it to adapt to the conditions created inside the pod with fresh air. The first change is in the temperature. CVAC is similar to riding on the wing of a plane where its cold as the height increases and warmer as it gets closer to sea level. The other changes are air pressure and air density. These changes can be felt in the ears of the client as the height increases pressure is less and as the height decreases to sea level the pressure increases.

Within a 20 minute CVAC session you can feel between 300-500 pressure changes because of the custom rhythm protocols. These changes help remove toxins from the body at a cellular level and they work in synergy with the lymphatic system of the body to accomplish this.

CVAC also works with the Glymphatic System whose function is to cleanse the brain. Clients often comment on how deeply they are sleeping after CVAC use, thus allowing improvement by utilizing this recovery system. We feature this cutting edge technology to help our clients recover from athletics and the stresses of everyday life.

Recovery is now more important than we ever imagined!

Session Experience

Air is steadily drawn out of the CVAC Pod to create a low-pressure environment. Fresh, filtered air is then dynamically returned providing changes in pressure and varying the density of the air. The body’s energy systems get a workout while the lymphatic system receives a ‘touchless massage,’ that facilitates the removal of waste products.

In the bFitnWell experience the client may watch TV (still having the ability to watch the screen of the CVAC Session), read or just relax during the 20 minute session. They also will be provided the perfect PH water to hydrate with.


How often Should you use CVAC?

bFitnWell suggests clients do 4 twenty minute sessions a week for optimal implementation. The client can accomplish those 4 sessions in two days or right after each other in one visit to the office since the cvac process is cumulative and builds up in the clients body.

Cost of CVAC

CVAC Orientation
(Includes all Training tiers)


1 Session


10 Session Package


3 Month Club Unlimited

$300 / Month

12 Month Club Unlimited

$275 /  Month

What People Are Saying

Jessica Corda
Jessica Korda
Golf Professional

“From playing out of the sand traps my wrists get stiff. Using the CVAC has improved the range of motion in them and allowed me to swing more freely.”

David Baas
David Baas
Professional Football Center

“My wife told me that if I could make it through one more season I could buy a nice little house on siesta key. The pod has been part of that preparation.”

Luis Nascimento
Luis Nascimento
Traveling Tennis Coach

“I’m always looking for natural ways to take care of my body. This was a very nice experience.”

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins
Inspirational Speaker and Motivator

Tony tried our CVAC and purchased two for his personal use at each of his houses. He is a true believer in the cutting edge recovery technologies.

Nicole Vaidisova
Nicole Vaidisova
Professional Tennis Player

“I was very nervous to try the pod. But I was looking for anything to help me with my comeback to the professional tennis tour.”

Fran Byrd
Fran Byrd
Massage Therapist

“I am getting great relief in my hands from cvac after long weeks of massaging clients”

Barry Luciani
Barry Luciani
VP Banking

“CVAC cleared my head so I could be on top of my game when at work.” My peaceful time.

Steve Shenbaum
Steve Shenbaum
Former Actor, CEO GameOn

“Anything that naturally can help my body and my mind is a positive experience.”

Teresa Wise
Teresa Wise
Dercums Sufferer

“The CVAC is the only thing that gives me energy when I’m just so tired from my ailment. It is my saving grace thats why I come from Illinois to Florida to use it”