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Dry Salt Treatment for Respiratory System

In our mission to help clients bring quality of life through holistic lifestyle changes bFitnWell has added Halotherapy to allow our clients to ability to “Just Breath…” and improve their respiratory system.

What is the Halo Therapy?

It was discovered long ago that people who worked in the Salt Mines of Europe often had better respiratory health that a normal individual. The miners were continuously breathing in the microscopic salt particles. This led people seeking improvement to logically correlate Salt + Lungs or “Dry Salt Therapy or Halotherapy” can naturally help individuals.

In Europe this modality has been utilized regularly but in the USA it is just becoming popular and accepted. In the process a Halogenerator grinds up pure grade salt into microscopic particles which are circulated in a controlled atmosphere room simulating the caves where those original miners worked. The client inhales those particles and they enter deep into the respiratory system.

The particles are negatively charged and bind deep in the respiratory system. The salt has a natural drying effect and aids to dry up all toxins that are located. Thus the improvement by “Just Breathing.

Halotherapy Benefits for Wellness and Athletic Performance

Athletes are always looking for ways to get a little edge. People seeking wellness understand the importance of proper breathing. If the respiratory system is subpar then things like dehydration, reduced stamina, injury, slower recovery times, and elevated heart rates may occur. Athletes and success driven individuals know that airborne obstructions, allergies, and airway inflammation can bring their level down, One method of helping this is Halotherapy or dry salt therapy.

Once these individuals optimize their respiratory system, less breath is required to perform their task. Optimization leads to obtaining new levels of success in competition and in the stresses daily life.


The Salt and Sound Booth makes it easy to sit back and simply “Breathe” for Better Performance In Sport and Life!

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The Client will be given the option of just relaxing, listening to calming sounds, a meditation video, or breathing exercises video during their 20 minute session.

Then simply relax, breathe and improve!

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