Ballancer Pro

Aesthetic & Athletic Compression Therapy System

Ballancer® Aesthetic Line

The Ballancer®Pro systems have introduced a revolution in aesthetic compression therapy. All this experience is implemented in the clinically and scientifically proven ballancer®Pro systems.

Ballancer® Athletic Line

The Ballancer®Pro is a revolutionary system for athletic recovery. This state-of-the-art compression therapy is clinically and scientifically proven and brings extraordinary results.

Lose Weight Through a Natural Process.

The Ballancer®Pro takes a unique approach to weight loss and body sculpting; it triggers the body’s natural processes to shed weight and excess fluid in a simple, enjoyable treatment. The treatment helps make the body function as it should, increasing circulation and leaving skin looking firm, toned, and fresh.

Get a Scultped Look

The Ballancer®Pro functions as an external stimulator of the lymphatic system so it can begin to rid the skin of waste buildup and become healthier, firmer, and younger looking. Ready to wear a smaller size and have a more sculpted look?







Great For Athletes and Body Toning

Helping Athletes

The Ballancer®Pro brings advanced medical technology to athletic recovery. Lymphatic drainage is the best way to achieve this efficiently. The Ballancer®Pro stimulates the lymphatic system and quickly helps us to drain toxins, metabolic waste and excess water from our body much faster.

The complete solution for muscle recovery, pain and swelling reduction & toxin flush.

“I have experienced the benefits of the Ballancer®Pro first hand. The recovery results my athletes have reported and that I have witnessed are groundbreaking. The Ballancer®Pro will revolutionize how we approach recovery, daily body maintenance, and rehabilitation.”

– NBA Assistant & Player Development Coach Rasheed Hazzard


Lower Body

1 Treatment Ballancer Pro Lower Body $120
10 Treatments Ballancer Pro Lower Body $1000
5 Treatments Ballancer Pro Lower Body $560

Uppper Body

1 Treatment Ballancer Pro Upper Body $120
10 Treatments Ballancer Upper Lower Body $1000
5 Treatments Ballancer Upper Lower Body $560

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