What is Cryoskin therapy, and how long does it last?

What is Cryoskin therapy, and how long does it last?

Remember when you could eat whatever you wanted and not gain weight or notice an inch on your waistline? Those days have long passed. But that doesn’t mean our toned; more youthful-looking bodies have to remain a thing of the past. Science and technology advancements have resulted in fast, accessible techniques to restore our youth and help us look and feel like we’re back in our late teens or early twenties. Yes, you guessed it correctly; Such as Cyroskin Therapy. So what is Cryoskin therapy, and how long does it last? 

Cyroskin Therapy- What is it?

Cryoskin therapy is a non-invasive alternative to various fat removal treatments that involve the use of knives or needles. When attempting to tone, trim, and lift the regions of your body that you want to target, you might use a more realistic approach. You don’t have to resort to costly and invasive procedures when you can rely on the human body’s natural response to low temperatures: cold temperatures will freeze the fat away.

Cryoskin is a subtype of cryotherapy, although there is a distinction between the two techniques since Cryoskin concentrates on cryotherapy’s dermatological benefits. Cryoskin employs cutting-edge technology and its results to assist those who want to improve the appearance of their skin by decreasing cellulite, fine lines, wrinkles, and fat.

How does it work

The treatments take 28 minutes and are delivered using a scientifically proven massage technique. The session starts with 2 minutes of heat and then drops to -8 ‘C for the session duration. The treatment’s goal is to lower the temperature of the fat cells sufficiently to promote apoptosis. When the temperature of the fat tissue is between 17 and 12 degrees Celsius, this process occurs, causing these cells to die. These cells are then transported naturally through the body via the lymphatic system and urine.

Thermal shock causes toning, which also benefits you by increasing circulation and building healthy collagen. Even a single CryoSkin Therapy session can produce anti-aging results that are obvious to the naked eye.

Finally, skin rejuvenation occurs due to increased circulation, stretch mark reduction, cellulite reduction, smaller/closed pores, and so on. It is widely regarded as an overall advantage of Cryoskin and will influence whether you book a slimming or toning session.

The procedure is painless, and some clients say it’s even enjoyable. This is related to the massage method and the session, starting with skin warming and gradually decreasing warmth.

The Benefits of CryoSkin Therapy

Slimming and Toning 

Treatments can assist you in becoming a slimmer, more sculpted version of yourself! Cryoskin therapy reduces the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles. Thermal shock causes this toning because it quickly enhances circulation, which boosts natural collagen formation. Collagen is responsible for your skin’s youthful appearance.

Slimming or weight loss is accomplished by freezing fat cells in certain parts of the body. Fat cells break down and perish as a result of the subzero temperatures. The body then flushes these dead cells out naturally via the lymphatic system.

Anti Aging 

Cryoskin therapy can help to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our bodies don’t manufacture as much collagen as they used to as we get older. Collagen is responsible for our skin’s suppleness, which aids in the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. A freezing “massage” technique is used on your neck and face during Cryoskin therapy, which helps enhance blood flow to particular areas. As a result, collagen production increases, giving your skin a youthful and even glowy appearance.


One of the primary advantages of cryo skin is that it is less risky than other types of plastic surgery. This non-invasive, painless treatment employs freezing temperatures supplied via a customized wand that allows you to target specific regions of your body and face. This means you won’t have to be concerned about needles, blades, or infections! Many celebrities utilize cryo skin to tone, smooth, and reduce wrinkles.

Because cryo skin is non-invasive, recuperation time is minimal. You’ll be able to resume your routine immediately following your session. Redness at the treatment location for a few hours later is one of the minor side effects. If you choose to have cryo skin treatments, you may urinate slightly more in the days that follow while your body destroys dead fat cells.

Pain Relief

Many athletes have used cryotherapy to help with pain reduction. However, it has been discovered that cryotherapy can provide benefits other than pain alleviation after a strenuous workout. 

Cryotherapy is increasingly being utilized to alleviate arthritis pain, allowing for more rigorous physiotherapy and occupational therapy. One study even discovered that applying cryotherapy to the neck can help relieve migraines. It is assumed to work by cooling the blood through cerebral vessels, particularly the carotid arteries near the skin’s surface.

How long does it last

During a 3-minute whole-body cryotherapy session, the skin detects the severe cold and signals the brain to enter “fight or flight” mode. Because only the skin is being chilled, the body is not at any serious risk. In reaction to this perceived threat, the brain initiates the following responses:

Endorphins and norepinephrine are released to boost metabolism and energy. This metabolic boost can continue for 3 to 5 days and may become permanent if repeated cryotherapy procedures.

Blood rushes to the core to maintain core temperature, burning 500 to 800 calories. 

Calories are still burned after therapy when the body re-heats.

Weight loss can occur as a result of the combined effects of higher metabolism and high-calorie burn. 

Cryotherapy sessions that are repeated and constantly enhance the metabolism, in the long run, resulting in more passive calories expended and continuing weight loss or maintenance.

What to expect

Results are often noticeable after the first treatment, and many clients report a 1/2 to 1-inch drop in the waist area when targeting this area. Additional effects develop 15 days to 3 weeks after the initial therapy and last for several months. 3-6 treatments are required to achieve optimal results.

According to studies, there is an average of 18.96% reduction in subcutaneous fat and an average of 1.85 inches dropped around the waist. To effectively track your results, we measure the area you want to be treated before and after each treatment.

When a good/healthy diet and an active lifestyle are followed, the therapies can persist for years or indefinitely. For extra maintenance, 1-2 treatments on the targeted area can be conducted every six months.

The Takeaway

Sometimes all it takes to make your day is for a pair of jeans or a particular dress to make it fit just a tad better or to gaze in the mirror and notice those love handles are finally starting to shrink away. Or for the redness in your cheeks to fade and the inflammation to go. Cryoskin therapy is a lovely and simple way to accomplish this.

If you’re seeking a natural, safe, non-invasive solution to thin, tone, and improve your skin, Cryoskin therapy was probably designed for you. We believe in whole-body and mind wellbeing at the Bfitnwell. Bfitnwell understands that looking nice makes you feel good. Book your appointment today if you’re ready to appreciate the way you look and feel better about yourself.